Bad hair cut solution

Got a haircut…hated it…

Found a solution


You’re distracted from the Hair…Right




Any other parents out there struggle with the clutter that seems unending with children in the house?   Here’s a poem I wrote today as my own, personal clutter therapy…hope you like and if you like, Please share!



Wrappers and packaging left there from snacks

Pieces from games, I see dice and some jacks

Crayons and markers and brushes with paint

I’d like to sit here, but I tell you I caint

Electrical gadgets and battery stuff

Animals losing a bit of their fluff

Papers and pencils and projects and chalk

Things you collected while taking a walk

Shoes in the corner, toys on the floor

Clothes in a pile, can’t take it no more

I ask you to clean it, but that does no good

I offer rewards and I tell you you should

I push things aside and wade through the piles

I grumble and fuss and we have less smiles


I know you’re a child and I was one too

I know there are things you would much rather do

And that is the same with you and with me

I’d much rather be sitting up high in a tree

Than cleaning the clutter and cleaning the mess

Or harping on you and causing us stress


Then I think of the days when I’ll have it my way

When you kids will be grown up and all moved away

My house will be clean and my house will be quiet


And I’ll want some mess

I’ll want noise

I’ll want you


So let’s get out the paint and let’s make a big mess

Let’s play and let’s dance in our prettiest dress

Let’s leave the games out and then let’s toss a ball

Let’s create and explore and go to the mall

Let’s go have some fun and forget all the clutter

The time’s just too short with kids and their mudder

Unconditional Love

Mother’s Day is Fast approaching!

I never heard these words from my mother.  I bet most people haven’t, but I think it’s time.

I say them now!

I share them now.  I give everyone permission to copy, paste, and share these words, this poem, with anyone they love unconditionally (but please give me credit for the creation of the poem. Thanks!)  Share it with your mother, your children, your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other, co-worker, friend down the street, neighbor…I don’t care who, but feel free to share the unconditional love.  Read it to yourself 100 times!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing!  I love you too… unconditionally!


Unconditional Love

(by Vicki Neal ©2014)


I love you when you’re grumpy

I love you when you dance

I love you when you walk around

With dirt stains on your pants


I love you when you scream at me

And when you give me kisses

I love you when you trust in me

And tell me secret wishes


I love you when you break my things

And when you make a mess

And even with my feelings hurt

I’d never love you less.

I’ve been stuck in the doldrums of “I can’t seem to…(insert thing)”

Today, a thought came to me, “What if a knight got stuck in this place?”  and the following was born…


The Knight of Cantalot  (©Vicki Neal 2014)

While sitting at this table

Which, by the way, is square

I hear about a dragon

Living close by in his lair


Well, I should go and slay him

Because I’m a knight you see

But, I cannot slay this dragon

‘Cause he’s way too big for me


I’d love to help the kingdom

It’d be cool to be a hero

But I’m just not brave, so sorry

I’m just way to full of fear, Oh


My armor’s dull.  It has no shine

There’s even bits of rust

But I just can’t seem to find the time

To clean off all the dust


A damsel in distress you say?

You mean more distress than me?

With the pains in all my muscles

And the sliver from that tree?


And now a troll’s attacking

He’s destroying people’s lands

But, I guess I’ll leave him to it

As I’m armed with rubber bands


You want to find a real knight

To fight and kill that giant

Go travel out to Canalot

They’ll help you there, but I can’t

So the inspirational high lasted about a week.  Yesterday, the ‘give-ups’ started hanging around and today they are invading in full force.

Am I schizophrenic?

There are days when I wonder.  I feel like there are two distinct people in my head:  The loving, motivational positive one and the other one (duh, duh, duh).

Do you ever feel sabotaged by yourself?

Here’s how it goes for me:

Loving, motivational me (LMM):  Wow!  I’d really love to do a triathlon.

Negative, saboteur me (NSM):  What are you crazy…You can’t do that.  You’re:

  • Too old
  • Not in good enough shape. There’s not enough time to train.
  • Not a swimmer/runner
  • Not going to be able to finish it.  You’re probably going to drown.
  • Lazy. Not motivated enough
  • Not up to it.  That’s way too hard.
  • Going to make a fool of yourself in front of all the real triathletes

Just quit now.  That will save you lots of time and energy.


LMM:  What if I write a poetry book for kids! My poems are really fun.  People would enjoy them just like I enjoyed (and still do) Shel Silverstein!


NSM:  That’s a good idea, BUT:

  • You don’t know a publisher…who would even publish them?
  • You’re too old
  • You’ve never studied or gotten an education in writing…not good enough.
  • Nobody really cares about your silly poems anyway, nobody has time for fun anymore
  • You’re wasting your time.  Go out, get a job, and be productive!


LMM:  Other people make their dreams happen.  If they can do it, so can I!

NSM:  They’re not you.  You can’t.  You’re:

  • Not good enough/Not talented enough
  • Too old

Come on.  You’re really wasting your time with all these ideas.  You’re insignificant.  Nobody cares.  It doesn’t matter.  Anyway, you don’t really want to work that hard do you? Just go watch a movie and forget about it!


LMM:  But I know I can!!!

NSM:  You’re kidding yourself

LMM:  I think I can?

NSM:  Still kidding yourself

LMM:  Really???

NSM: Yup…give it up already.


So who do I listen to?  Well, that’s easy…LMM, Right?


Yeah, that would be the logical, uplifting choice. However, NSM makes such logical arguments and she’s unrelenting. The girl just seems to never give up.  And, after all, she’s the voice of reality, right? – not the ‘let’s make life happily ever after’ or ‘wish upon a star and make all your dreams come true’ voice. Why don’t all the self-help gurus talk about her?  Am I the only messed up one with these derogatory voices in my head all the time?  How does one ever get past it?




Today, I don’t have inspirational answers.  Today, I really want to give up.  No, I don’t really want to give up, I just feel that I’m really not going to be able to do any of it and I just need to give up ‘cause I’m not good enough.


I can still feel LMM back there giving me a pep talk telling me not to give up, but she’s really far away today sitting under the thick blanket of NSM “Give it ups”.


The invasion is in full force and I really would like LMM to win.  Wish me luck – In fact…Wish us all luck!




Have you ever accomplished something that seems so big that it is almost impossible?

I’m 45 today!  Yup, it’s my birthday.  I recently decided that this was the year that I was going to do the things that I always thought I would do someday – starting with a triathlon.  Go Me! (I know. I’ve never been one for starting too small).  Now, as I have been told by all the inspirational gurus:

I can accomplish anything given enough desire, persistence, blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the catch:

  • I’ve never been a swimmer.
  • Triathlons include swimming.

Yes, I’ve splashed in pools and swum short distances, but mostly where I touch bottom or wear a life jacket.  I also have a pretty real fear of drowning thrown in the mix as my grandfather and sister both drowned.


So 3 weeks ago I faced my fears, bought a membership at a pool, and started my swim training.


Day 1: 1 length of the pool without stopping!


Not bad, right?…until I found out that the triathlon sprint (the shortest triathlon possible – I’m not completely crazy) will require about 28 laps.  A lap is one way, right?  WRONG…54-56 lengths of the pool (maybe I am crazier than I think?)


But here’s the good news.  3 weeks later, I am swimming 4 lengths…Only 50 to go!  (Sigh)


I have to consistently remind myself that I am making progress (I think I can, I think I can…) and I have created a new mantra while I’m in the water.  “I am a strong and confident swimmer” has replaced “Are you totally crazy?  There’s no way you’re going to be able to do this!”IMG_20140321_110008


We’ll see.  I think I can!


If anyone out there has some input on making this desire a reality, please share!  I’ll keep chugging along, but would love any additional support, inspiration, or advice.


Thanks and I’ll let you know the results come August…Can I do it???


I think I can!

Whine Connoisseur

Anyone else have kids that have gone through the whine phase??? I’d love to hear your tricks for staying sane!

Whine Connoisseur   (© Vicki Neal 2014)

I’ve got:

A whine for staying up at night
A whine to get my way
A whine when others do not listen to what I have to say

A whine when brother’s mean to me
A whine when sister’s too
A whine when I can’t do the things the older people do

A whine for too much homework
A whine for too much noise
A whine when someone doesn’t ask when playing with my toys

A whine for when I want something
A whine for when I don’t
When mother tells me not to whine, I must respond, “I won’t”

I have a whine when hungry
And one when food tastes ick
I also have a mopey whine whenever I feel sick

I whine when I’m impatient
When I think things aren’t fair
I whine when mom is brushing all the tangles from my hair

I whine when ere’ I’m tired
When someone says I’m wrong
I also whine impatiently when in the car too long

I whine to beg for chocolate
I whine to beg for cheese
I whine and whine to get my way instead of saying please.

Yes, I’m a connoisseur
A master of the whine
And although my mom is going nuts, I know that I’m just fine.

Just Dance

I was recently inspired when my son introduced me to ‘Kid President’. If you haven’t heard of him or seen him, I would suggest checking him out on you tube. (Kid President that is…my son is not on you tube yet.) Anyway, He suggests often that the world would be a better place if we all danced more. I agree Kid President…Let’s Dance.
Just Dance (©Vicki Neal 2014)

Dancing in the shadows
Dancing in the rain
Dancing in the sunshine
Dancing through the pain
Dancing with your brother
Dancing with your sis
Dancing with the one you love
Dancing on with bliss
Dance to feel sexy
Dance to feel sweet
Dance to feel the movement
Through body, hands, & feet
Dancing out your anger
Dancing out your screams
Dancing out frustrations
Dancing out your dreams
Dancing when you’re naked
Dancing when you’re clad
Dancing when you’re happy
Dancing when you’re sad
Dancing on when things get tough
Dancing to the beat
Dancing in your bedroom, or
Dancing in the street
Dancing wild
Dancing slow
Dance with songs and shouts
It doesn’t matter how you dance
Just get the dancing out!

Pillow Fight

The pillow fight.  The bashing…the pounding…the laughter…the chaos.  I do not know a child who does not like to grab a pillow and start in. I can’t count the number of times my children, or myself for that matter, have entered the melee armed only with fluff.

It’s amazing how much fun can be had with a square of stuffing.

Unfortunately, my son has experienced first hand how quickly the fun can turn.  This poem was written after one of the epic pillow fights went sour.


Jimmy’s Pillow Fight

Oh, I’m the king of this castle100_4411

I am big and I am bold

These pillows are my ammo

And I can conquer trolls

They call me Sister Basher

The mightiest of might

I’ve got a giant pillow

And I’m not afraid to fight

No one can defeat me

I’ve got honor on my side

You better just surrender

Or run away and hide

jimmypillowI’ve got my golden armor on

And now I’m attack proof

So here I come, Beware, Stand back

For this outstanding…OOF

No fair, I wasn’t looking

I…OOF…Hey, that’s enough!

Well, I’ll show you. Take this and, Hey…

My pillow’s got no fluff!!

You’re messing up my system

You’re messing up my plan

You’re stealing all my pillows

Seriously, Man!

Would you just…OOF…I want to, Hey!

That was too hard a hit.


Stop It…OOF…I quit!

Literally and Figuratively!

In the last week, I have seen the return of bluebird’s to my neighborhood and backyard.  This symbol of happiness seems to be following me around as I see them when I am driving, jogging, and looking out my windows.

Yesterday, my husband and I cleaned out the birdhouses in anticipation of spring and just about 20 minutes later one of the houses in view of the living room window was being claimed by a pair of bluebirds!  This morning, I saw a bright male bluebird on another of the houses.

Bluebirds – Happiness!

They speak to my soul.

My life, just like the natural world, is full of cycles.  In the recent past, I have yet again faced death, pain, anger, and sadness.  It has been cold and very dark.  My personal season of winter had lasted much longer than a mere 3 months.  At times, I feared it would never end.  It was as if I had taken up residence in Antarctica.  And yet, I am happy to say that spring is arriving and I have come through yet another winter of my soul.  Here, in the United States, spring is just around the corner.  And, along with the bluebirds, I am ready for this next season of new birth, new life, and new growth.

The color is back…the light has returned…Spring is here!

I thank the bluebirds for returning to my life in abundance and, for anyone else who feels stuck in the dark and cold, I wish you bluebirds of your own!