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Pillow Fight

The pillow fight.  The bashing…the pounding…the laughter…the chaos.  I do not know a child who does not like to grab a pillow and start in. I can’t count the number of times my children, or myself for that matter, have entered the melee armed only with fluff.

It’s amazing how much fun can be had with a square of stuffing.

Unfortunately, my son has experienced first hand how quickly the fun can turn.  This poem was written after one of the epic pillow fights went sour.


Jimmy’s Pillow Fight

Oh, I’m the king of this castle100_4411

I am big and I am bold

These pillows are my ammo

And I can conquer trolls

They call me Sister Basher

The mightiest of might

I’ve got a giant pillow

And I’m not afraid to fight

No one can defeat me

I’ve got honor on my side

You better just surrender

Or run away and hide

jimmypillowI’ve got my golden armor on

And now I’m attack proof

So here I come, Beware, Stand back

For this outstanding…OOF

No fair, I wasn’t looking

I…OOF…Hey, that’s enough!

Well, I’ll show you. Take this and, Hey…

My pillow’s got no fluff!!

You’re messing up my system

You’re messing up my plan

You’re stealing all my pillows

Seriously, Man!

Would you just…OOF…I want to, Hey!

That was too hard a hit.


Stop It…OOF…I quit!


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Literally and Figuratively!

In the last week, I have seen the return of bluebird’s to my neighborhood and backyard.  This symbol of happiness seems to be following me around as I see them when I am driving, jogging, and looking out my windows.

Yesterday, my husband and I cleaned out the birdhouses in anticipation of spring and just about 20 minutes later one of the houses in view of the living room window was being claimed by a pair of bluebirds!  This morning, I saw a bright male bluebird on another of the houses.

Bluebirds – Happiness!

They speak to my soul.

My life, just like the natural world, is full of cycles.  In the recent past, I have yet again faced death, pain, anger, and sadness.  It has been cold and very dark.  My personal season of winter had lasted much longer than a mere 3 months.  At times, I feared it would never end.  It was as if I had taken up residence in Antarctica.  And yet, I am happy to say that spring is arriving and I have come through yet another winter of my soul.  Here, in the United States, spring is just around the corner.  And, along with the bluebirds, I am ready for this next season of new birth, new life, and new growth.

The color is back…the light has returned…Spring is here!

I thank the bluebirds for returning to my life in abundance and, for anyone else who feels stuck in the dark and cold, I wish you bluebirds of your own!

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Have you ever been completely taken over by a thought?  A sentence throws a surprise party in your conscious thought and then refuses to leave.  The words remain lodged in your brain begging for attention like that incessant itch you can’t quite reach.   Impossible to ignore.  Like the child who repeatedly asks, “are we there yet?”, you must respond to the question or the barrage continues.

That happened to me last week.  I was jogging along, minding my own business, when suddenly, out of nowhere, in pops …the sentence (dun dun duuuun!!!).

Now this sentence made no sense at all to me at the time.  I heard my mind respond, “WHAT?” as in, “Where the heck did that sentence come from?”, and, “Why is it in my brain?”  I was confused…confounded.  The sentence had no relevance to anything in my life, but it had abducted my brain.  It would not leave.  I pretended it didn’t matter and continued on with my life.  I showered, worked, cooked, slept, primped, read, talked, and took care of the business of living all while being accompanied by this thought.    I tried to actively think other things.  The thought remained.  Finally, I sat down with the thought and asked it, “So now what?”.  And we worked together to figure it out.

What was this stubborn thought?

It was,

           “There’s a troll in my bedroom and I don’t know what to do.”


And, after sitting down with this thought, here’s the result:


Troll in My Bedroom

There’s a troll in my bedroom and I don’t know what to do

Will he eat up all my underwear or gnaw upon my shoes?

Will he empty out my piggybank? Put holes in all my socks?

Will he laugh and fill my pillowcase with lots of dirty rocks?


I need to get the troll out of my room before he’s seen.

Cause I hear that when a troll’s discovered then he gets all mean

Evicting trolls’ not easy…it is harder than you think

Could I decorate and color in annoying shades of pink?


If I fill the room with sunshine I could scare the troll away.

But there’s shadows in the closet where the sneaky troll could stay.

Now if I had a rainbow I could push him o’er the side

But a troll is really clever and it might decide to hide.


I could hire out the Midas King and turn him into gold.

Or find a silver unicorn which works as well, I’m told.

100 dozen roses floating scent into the air?

I wonder if the troll’s afraid of Jimmy’s teddy bear.


Is there an exterminator trained in mythic creatures?

Or is this a dilemma solved by kindergarten teachers?

I am sure that there’s a troll here and I don’t know what to do.

If a troll was in your bedroom, then whatever would you do?


Please feel free to let me know what you would do to get the troll out of your bedroom

… or a stubborn thought out of your head.

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