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Got a haircut…hated it…

Found a solution


You’re distracted from the Hair…Right




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I am currently going through a self analysis phase.  I am looking deeply into myself and seeing many shadows that I previously remained distant from.  This has not always felt good.  In fact, many times it has felt pretty bad; But today, I was uplifted by the simplest of things – The bluebird outside my window. 

The bluebird of happiness paid me a visit.  As I saw a flash of blue, I was transported to a lighter, happier place.  I was reminded of all the beautiful color in this world.

My mind recalled the numerous rainbows I have seen in my lifetime, that presented me with a blast of color after a storm.  I was reminded of the colorful fabrics and clothing that I have seen and worn and touched.  I remembered the variety of color and texture in the living food from my garden   I thought of the beauty of tree blossoms in the spring, changing leaves in the fall, and the vast array of colors and designs in the flowers of this world.  I thought of all the beautiful colors of the people of this world. A combination of hair and eye and skin color as unique as the person himself.   WOW! 

So much beauty and color does exist in this world and it brings me happiness!  I am so thankful that the bluebird outside my window reminded me to see it so I do not become lost in the shadows.

I wish you all a bluebird outside your own window!

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Following up on my post from January 5th:

As I oust the Yeerk from my brain and change the filter, I ask myself, “How does one live a life of cooperation and co-creation instead of competition.

My life has been based on competition.  As one of five children, I had to vie for my parents attention, I competed against other children for the top grades, and played competitive sports for over 20 years.  Upon entering the work force, I had to compete against others for jobs, raises, and promotions.  In the dating scene, I was competing against other women in order to be noticed and asked out by men.  I competed with other buyers for the best house, car, or sale.  When I opened my own business, I was competing for clients, and within my relationships, I had to fight to get my points across and have my voice heard.

Competition!  It is the basis of our world.  As a society, we play competitive sports for trophies, fame, and glory.  We compete for love.  We compete for money.  We compete for recognition and attention.  Our society is based almost solely on competition and achievement.  Competition is everywhere, dividing and separating people. And here’s the thing about competition…when there is one winner, it follows that everyone else is a loser.

Now, I don’t want to say that competition is an entirely bad thing.  Competition does have the power to motivate, allowing one to strive for something better;  however, the world we live in has become too competitive.  We live immersed in a ‘versus’ mentality.  It’s good versus bad, right versus wrong, girls versus boys, us versus them, democrats versus republicans, my needs versus your needs, America versus terrorism and oppression, the people versus the government, big business and profits versus the earth and environment, and on and on and on.

This versus mentality results in separation.  We keep ourselves separate from others because, after all, you don’t want to get too close to the person from whom you will take that promotion; you don’t want to get too close to the person who loses when you win; and you especially don’t want to get too close to the ‘bad’ person  who might taint your sense of goodness.

We live life as if we are on a see-saw.  When one side goes up, the other goes down.  We can prove it! It’s basic physics. But take a moment to ask yourself…What if we could all go up?

What if, instead of focusing on one person going up and the other going down, we focused on raising the entire teeter totter up.  What if everyone could win?

What would our world be like if we lived with an ‘and’ mentality instead of an ‘or’ mentality?  What if instead of me or you achieving a promotion, job, or dream house – me and you did?  What if instead of you or me getting our needs met, we both do?  What if we all could be winners?

To balance this competitive energy in a masculine world we need women!  We need the feminine!

Women…What if we supported one another on our journeys to find love instead of needing to compete with one another out of fear that we will be the one to lose it or not get it in the first place?  What if we trusted that we all would achieve the love that we deserved instead of believing that if we don’t look younger or prettier than the next girl we will lose out?

Women…Let’s stop playing the man’s game and play the woman’s game!  Let’s live our lives cooperatively instead of competitively.  Let’s support all the unique voices and perspectives  that this world has to offer and let’s co-create a world of loving compromise and mutual understanding.  Let’s bring our feminine forward to balance the masculine.  Not to bring the masculine down, but to bring us all up!!!

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