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I am currently going through a self analysis phase.  I am looking deeply into myself and seeing many shadows that I previously remained distant from.  This has not always felt good.  In fact, many times it has felt pretty bad; But today, I was uplifted by the simplest of things – The bluebird outside my window. 

The bluebird of happiness paid me a visit.  As I saw a flash of blue, I was transported to a lighter, happier place.  I was reminded of all the beautiful color in this world.

My mind recalled the numerous rainbows I have seen in my lifetime, that presented me with a blast of color after a storm.  I was reminded of the colorful fabrics and clothing that I have seen and worn and touched.  I remembered the variety of color and texture in the living food from my garden   I thought of the beauty of tree blossoms in the spring, changing leaves in the fall, and the vast array of colors and designs in the flowers of this world.  I thought of all the beautiful colors of the people of this world. A combination of hair and eye and skin color as unique as the person himself.   WOW! 

So much beauty and color does exist in this world and it brings me happiness!  I am so thankful that the bluebird outside my window reminded me to see it so I do not become lost in the shadows.

I wish you all a bluebird outside your own window!


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