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The Goddess I Am

Here is a poem that I wrote. I would like to dedicate it to all of us women. We are Goddesses!!

The Goddess I Am

I am a Goddess Bright and Bold
I show the world my face
I walk with pride and speak my truth
Encompassing pure Grace

My body is a temple
I am sacred and divine
Deserving love and pleasure
And all that is sublime

Whether maiden, mother, crone
My Goddess love unfolds
Uniting, bringing ecstasy
Heating up the cold

My beauty unfolds as I play
Creating from my heart
Manifesting wondrous things
My dreams a form of art

I am a priceless precious gem
Many facets sparkling bright
The radiance shines all around
The more I show my light

I’m luscious and magnificent
I’m gloriously me
A Goddess ever powerful
Being all that I can be


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